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The export of the Taxonomy in SharePoint 2010 is something quite painful. In the web we can find a lot of tools, posts, suggestions, advice but – since today – I didn’t find something that really worked for me.

So, finally, I had a request from a client quite simple:

  • I want to see all may taxonomy in an Excel file, in order that the Businesses can read it easily
  • I want to export my taxonomy for my new production farm and I want that the restore is completely transparent. (meaning: I want my ID back!)

and I have decided to build my own project.
Let’s be honest…I didn’t discover the moon, but I got what I was looking for and-  if you like it – you will be able to download it from CodePlex at this address: https://sptaxonomyexport.codeplex.com/

The tool is a CMD program line (with some fr...

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