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Programmatically check if internet connection is available on Windows 8

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I’m finally on holidays and I can spend some hour developing for Windows 8.
My application is now checked by Microsoft and I hope I will have a green flag! :)

In my application I need to check if the internet connection is available. According to Microsoft documentation you just need to check your ConnectionProfile: if it is null you are not connected to internet, otherwise you do. But I don’t think it is enough.

In fact if you have a Virtual Machine installed on your laptop, or some virtual Network card your profile won’t never be null. I tried (for example) disabling all my real network device (wireless and wired) but my profile was still active.

Below the solution I found: if your profile is not null, you have to check the NetworkConnectivityLevel: if the value is NetworkConnectivityLeve...

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Windows 8 Enterprise Edition Activation Issue

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I have just proudly installed my Windows 8 Enterprise Edition…Happy!

All the drivers have been found quickly and no major issue till now. I would had liked¬†¬†to activate Windows with my enterprise key, but really couldn’t find; a serial was already installed and couldn’t find the option to updated…

With few research I’ve figured it out :)

Open a CMD as Administration running, type as below and you will be able to activate your Windows 8

Windows 8 Activation

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