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Unfair behavior of PublishingLayoutPage OnPreInit event in SharePoint 2010

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I really like SharePoint; there are things that other CMS are not able to do and it can be useful both on Intranet  and Internet environment, but sometime it does really bad thing…and – trust me – really really bad.

With my colleague Leon we are developing a publishing site with SharePoint 2010. We are using our own masterpage and we are setting our masterpage directly in the markup  setting explicitly the MasterPageFile. Till here everything is fine…During the debug of a page layout we were worried because it was really too slow and when we attached the debug we saw a lot of symbols not required (Excel, strange usercontrols…)

The curiosity becomes anger and with our friend ILSpy we discover what the image below shows… no matters if you set your masterpage in the markup…in the OnPre...

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