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Office Web Apps and SharePoint 2013…small tip to your custom web app

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If you want to install Office Web Apps and configure it with you SharePoint 2013 you will find plenty of links…Here a couple that I found pretty simple: this one from Max Melcher and also this one from Steve Goodyear…
However, once followed all the steps, I still had an error on my preview mode. Searching in the logs (you can find the logs of Office Web Apps in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Data\Logs\ULS) I found this error:

WOPI CheckFile: Catch-All Failure [exception:Microsoft.Office.Web.Common.EnvironmentAdapters.FileUnknownException: Invalid Host

As you can see, during the installation you have to apply the operation of  New-OfficeWebAppsHost -Domain What it is important to know is that you have to apply this step for all your domains and DNS...

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