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SharePoint 2010: disable automatic mobile redirection

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If you have a SharePoint 2010 web site, once is published and you try to browse it with a mobile device, you will be surprised because you will get a request for an authentication.

This is not something you can configure directly in SharePoint, but you have to manually apply some changes on your IIS web server.

The first approach is to open the App_Browsers folder of your server(s) and open the file compact.browser. Previous backup you have to change the value

<capability name="isMobileDevice" value="true" />


<capability name="isMobileDevice" value="false" />

You have to do that for all the entries in this file.

The other approach is to modify the web.config of your application, section system.web

<browserCaps> <result type=‚ÄĚSystem.Web.Mobile.MobileCapabilities, System.Web...
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