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NTFS Volume on Ubuntu 11.10…make it visible to all user

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Hello, first of all I’m not a Linux User, meaning I’m not an expert and maybe my post may sound to the “experts” very stupid or obvious.
However, I’ve installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my home laptop and  started to play with it.
In my machine I had a partition (created previously in win7) that I would had liked to use as “data repository”.

If I was the Administrator I could see the disc and all the files inside, but when I logged as a “standard” user the volume was not visible and  I couldn’t open  from media folder, even if I gave to the user the right permission on the folders with chmod

I was really surprised and I felt very stupid…but finally i found the problem.
The disc wasnt’ following the “normal” permission on Linux, because  it was formatted as NTFS...

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