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SharePoint 2010: OrderBy CAML query in SPSiteDataQuery for Taxonomy Fields

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It’s a while I’m not writing anything in this blog; a lot of stuff to do and a lot of projects went in production.

Today I found a real strange issue and it took me sometime to debug it.
SPSiteDataQuery is a useful object that allows you to search recursively in a web all the items you want.

The properties of this object are the classic ones of the SPQuery.
In my case I wanted to filter for Taxonomy field and sort my items based on the same items.
Till here no problem at all…

I had a site collection with this web part already deployed and working fine; in a new site collection, the same web part didn’t work. After a lot of unit tests I have discovered that if your Taxonomy field is multivalue your Query will return always 0 records...

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