SP2013 PageNotFoundError.aspx returns still a 200 code…not good

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In SharePoint 2013, if you create a Publishing Web Portal you will find – directly in the Pages library of your root web – a PageNotFoundError.aspx page.

It is good to have such a page already created and working if you type any not existing page…In any case, if you work in a real intranet web site, pay attention that the page is still returning a 200 http code and this is – in terms of SEO – very poor.

As it is shown in the image below the return code is not the right one:

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SharePoint 2010: OrderBy CAML query in SPSiteDataQuery for Taxonomy Fields

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It’s a while I’m not writing anything in this blog; a lot of stuff to do and a lot of projects went in production.

Today I found a real strange issue and it took me sometime to debug it.
SPSiteDataQuery is a useful object that allows you to search recursively in a web all the items you want.

The properties of this object are the classic ones of the SPQuery.
In my case I wanted to filter for Taxonomy field and sort my items based on the same items.
Till here no problem at all…

I had a site collection with this web part already deployed and working fine; in a new site collection, the same web part didn’t work. After a lot of unit tests I have discovered that if your Taxonomy field is multivalue your Query will return always 0 records...

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Programmatically check if internet connection is available on Windows 8

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I’m finally on holidays and I can spend some hour developing for Windows 8.
My application is now checked by Microsoft and I hope I will have a green flag! :)

In my application I need to check if the internet connection is available. According to Microsoft documentation you just need to check your ConnectionProfile: if it is null you are not connected to internet, otherwise you do. But I don’t think it is enough.

In fact if you have a Virtual Machine installed on your laptop, or some virtual Network card your profile won’t never be null. I tried (for example) disabling all my real network device (wireless and wired) but my profile was still active.

Below the solution I found: if your profile is not null, you have to check the NetworkConnectivityLevel: if the value is NetworkConnectivityLeve...

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IE10 and Form authentication in SharePoint 2010: not working

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I’m an happy Windows 8 new  user! They really did a great job, the file system stuffs are  faster than in Windows 7 and, with the same hardware, you can enjoy better performances.

As I said already in the past, I’m not a IE  user and I have already found a bug in IE10 :( . If you try to open a SharePoint 2010 web site where you have Windows and Form authentication you wills see that is not possible to log in in the system…the dropdown change event doesn’t fire up and you will never reach neither the Form page or the Windows Login prompt.

Hope that Microsoft will fix the issue quite soon…

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Windows 8 Enterprise Edition Activation Issue

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I have just proudly installed my Windows 8 Enterprise Edition…Happy!

All the drivers have been found quickly and no major issue till now. I would had liked  to activate Windows with my enterprise key, but really couldn’t find; a serial was already installed and couldn’t find the option to updated…

With few research I’ve figured it out :)

Open a CMD as Administration running, type as below and you will be able to activate your Windows 8

Windows 8 Activation

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