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Office Web Apps and SharePoint 2013…small tip to your custom web app

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If you want to install Office Web Apps and configure it with you SharePoint 2013 you will find plenty of links…Here a couple that I found pretty simple: this one from Max Melcher and also this one from Steve Goodyear…
However, once followed all the steps, I still had an error on my preview mode. Searching in the logs (you can find the logs of Office Web Apps in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Data\Logs\ULS) I found this error:

WOPI CheckFile: Catch-All Failure [exception:Microsoft.Office.Web.Common.EnvironmentAdapters.FileUnknownException: Invalid Host

As you can see, during the installation you have to apply the operation of  New-OfficeWebAppsHost -Domain What it is important to know is that you have to apply this step for all your domains and DNS...

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Nintex Workflow: skip “start” default page for an automatic execution

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Nintex workflow allows you to have a direct link from the context menu when your workflow is linked to a SharePoint list. By default Nintex proposes you a startup page (image below), which is useful when, for example, you are expecting  inputs from the user, but when your workflow is supposed to be executed “as is” this is quite annoying.

In order to avoid the start up page, click on Workflow Setting and select, as Form Type, the Custom option. Nintex will propose you a default value, but delete it and keep it blank (image below). Your workflow will start automatically and will not ask any operation to your users! yeah! :-)

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JQuery Plugin to obtain FormDigest code in SharePoint 2013

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In SharePoint 2013 Microsoft has put back the FormDigest security during the execution of the code. That means that if you are in a standard application page or web part you will not have any problem to create your web sites, update items etc… You can take a look over here for the details.

But if you want to do something more, like for example create your own service (in my case with Service Stack) you will always get a COM Exception from your page “System.Exception: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: The security validation for this page is invalid. Click Back in your Web”

The problem is that the header X-RequestDigest header is not passed automatically in your request, meaning that – even if you put AllowUnsafeUpdate to true – the operation will generate an exception.

This is the reason w...

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SP2013 PageNotFoundError.aspx returns still a 200 code…not good

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In SharePoint 2013, if you create a Publishing Web Portal you will find – directly in the Pages library of your root web – a PageNotFoundError.aspx page.

It is good to have such a page already created and working if you type any not existing page…In any case, if you work in a real intranet web site, pay attention that the page is still returning a 200 http code and this is – in terms of SEO – very poor.

As it is shown in the image below the return code is not the right one:

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