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Today I figured out a funny problem. When you know it’s easy, but I lost an hour to understand what the hell was going on.
In my SharePoint 2010 Farm everything was going fine…I installed and configured the User Profile Synchronization, the MySite was well configured in a specific Web Application. I needed to search people so I went to the Central Administration > Management Application > ┬áService Application > Search Service Application and start the Full Crawl.

Unfortunately once ended the Full Crawl I had this error on the log:

Error in PortalCrawl Web Service

I started to search and really don’t understand why…In the ULS I found this error:

PortalCrawl.GetSite(): System.NullReferenceException:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Search.
PortalCrawl.PortalCrawl.GetSite(_PortalSite& sSite).

and I finally got it. The default site in SharePoint http://SERVERNAME on port 80 must be created and a site collection must be too, otherwise you’ll problem will be not solved. Honestly in my configuration I never use the default web site, because I use personalized DNS, but since today I’ll do always :)
Now my scope “People” is well done:


Hope this can help,



One comment to SharePoint 2010: error crawling People

  • medeia  says:

    Do you have an answer to why this is required?

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